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Learning from experience

It seems that the life industry has a way to go when it comes to the modelling of dynamic policyholder behaviour. The results of the survey carried out by the Policyholder Behaviour Working Party make interesting reading. One stand out observation is that, from 43 respondents, only 3 model dynamic lapse behaviour and, even then, expert judgement was used in all cases at the expense of any detailed assessment of underlying risk drivers.

No doubt this will become an area of focus in the future for companies in search of enhanced risk management and competitive advantage.

Live blogging (or nearly live) the 2010 Life Conference

Welcome to Birmingham. This year the Milliman team will be posting our perspective from the conference floor, sharing some of the key trends with those in attendance, as well as those of you who were unable to attend. When we were setting up, we noticed a 10-metre-high projection of Solvency II on an overhead canopy.

Will the discussion on Solvency II loom as large? Check back regularly for updates.