Men and women are different. Who knew?

The recent gender directive will affect the industry, according to our real-time survey results. Here’s what visitors to our booth said about their pricing models.

Later today, Milliman consultant Jim Murphy will deliver a talk on the subject at 11:00 A.M., in session B6. We’ll deliver some highlights from that session.

One thought on “Men and women are different. Who knew?

  1. Jim’s summary slide from his session at the UK actuarial life convention gives a useful checklist for anyone monitoring the consequences of the ECJ ruling on the Gender Directive.

    1. Just over a year to go to ‘G-Day’
    2. Still a lot of uncertainty, in particular:
    – application to existing contracts?
    – use of gender for underwriting, aggregate pricing, reserving?
    – possibilty of arbitrage from outside EU and within EU
    3. EU Commission guidance due mid December
    4. Draft legisation expected soon from UK’s HMT
    5. Age & disability equality is a very live topic

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